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Case Studies

Content Processing creates a "Single Version of the Truth" and Saves Millions for Global Pharmaceutical Firm
Leading pharmaceutical company brings thousands of unique data stores together into a single knowledge management structure for improved information retrieval.
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Trinity Logistics Saves 90% With Back-office Automation
In their very first project, Trinity Logistics saved hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by eliminating 90 percent of the effort needed to manually handle shipping documents. Learn how Kapow Software is helping to transform this 3PL (third-party logistics provider).
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PITT OHIO: Superior Customer Service Through Automation
PITT OHIO, a premier transportation provider, depends on Kapow Software to support its high-value customers by automating 100% of routine Customer Service activities. This enabled PITT OHIO to grow their premium service program, which adds directly to the top line.
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Arrow Lets the Data Flow with Automated Procurement Processes
Helping customers create innovative new products was being limited by manual steps in special quote and invoice processes between Arrow and its suppliers. Arrow's Components organization in Central Europe took the lead to automate these time-consuming activities and better integrate with key suppliers, shorten cycle times, assure data accuracy and increase customer and employee satisfaction. Conservative estimates of three minutes reduced manual effort per order or invoice translate into hundreds of hours/month saved for Arrow's Components unit in Central Europe. On a global level, the business impact will be even greater as Arrow has thousands of suppliers worldwide.
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Data Fabricator: Looking at the Market with "Energy-Saving" Data Integration
Data Fabricator builds customized energy data solutions based on Kapow Software to provide the necessary transparency on the shifting energy market in Europe.
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Audi Boosts Employee Productivity with Kapow Software™
Using Kapow Katalyst, Audi flawlessly integrated numerous internal and external applications into their intranet portal in order to facilitate internal workflows and increase employee productivity. Today, the internal portal platform is being used by about 60,000 people. Audi's IT department now can flexibly integrate new services on demand within 1-2 weeks instead of 1-2 months and quickly and easily turn around requests.
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Deutsche Telekom Customer Support Works 20x Faster With Kapow Software
Deutsche Telekom cut costs more than 60 percent–and reduced the Customer Support analysis process from 90 minutes to 4–with Kapow Software's self-service integration platform. These custom apps are built at twice the speed of standard apps, and Deutsche Telekom delivers them through an Enterprise Application Store powered by Kapow Software.
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NetApp Expands Enterprise Search with Kapow Software
NetApp was looking to deploy an Enterprise Search solution that would allow customers to find the critical customer service information. By doing so, NetApp hoped to greatly reduce customer reliance on costly and inefficient phone-based support and to enable customers to easily locate the answers to their support questions online. Implementing an Enterprise Search Solution would give NetApp a rare opportunity to both increase customer satisfaction and reduce cost.
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Commerzbank Goes Mobile for Enhanced Customer Service
In private banking, premium customer experience is key to fostering competitive advantage. As one of the leading banks in Germany, Commerzbank made it a strategic priority to develop a cutting-edge mobile banking solution to satisfy the rapidly changing needs of its 11 million private account holders in Germany. It chose Kapow Software to enhance its existing B2C online banking platform and accelerate the development of an integrated and secure mobile service—within only a few months.
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Schultz: Information Provisioning Made Easy with Automation Expertise
Schultz Information is a market leader for digital information portals and decision tools for government agencies and corporations. Nine out of ten Danish municipalities rely on Schultz's domain expertise. Schultz's specialists use Kapow Software to help clients efficiently answer the question: what changes in the legislation are relevant for us? They do so by automating data collection and editorial workflows to create timely information from hundreds of legislative sources and legal document types. Schultz achieved significant efficiency gains to manage 350,000 metadata records with 1 million relationships while enhancing the services portfolio with high-value, market-leading solutions.
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