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Choose Your Future: A Guide to Rethinking Webscraping e-book
When it comes to harvesting data, one size does not fit all. Web scraping is a static process that simply cannot keep up with dynamic environments and requirements. Learn about your options.
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10 Must Haves for Web Data Extraction and Transformation
It’s about more than just collecting data or scraping it from external websites. Your organization depends on the quality of this data to grow market share, defend brands and transform your industry. So why do you get that uneasy feeling something is missing?
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Strategies for Improving the Efficiency of Integrated Supply Chain Networks
In this white paper you will learn how to extract more profit and efficiency from your supply chain by easily automating manual processes and integrating internal systems with B2B partner portals with no coding.
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Agile Price Monitoring: the New Imperative
This white paper highlights 10 essential capabilities that any online distributor or retailer will need to successfully monitor online competitive activity in the real-time fashion today's environment demands.
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Integrating Data Sources is an Expensive Challenge for the Financial Services Sector
Kapow Software, a Kofax company sponsored a survey through Computerworld Custom Publishing to better understand the impact of acquiring and integrating information from multiple external data sources. Over four hundred executives responded to the survey. This paper focuses on the one hundred responders representing the financial services industry.
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Making Big Data Accessible, Actionable and Affordable
Learn more about real-world use cases of generating business insights and advantage from data across a vast variety of sources using Kapow Software.
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Make Big Data Insights Easily Consumable and Actionable
Nearly nine out of ten business and IT leaders agree there is huge value in putting Big Data to work, while only 23 percent think their Big Data projects have been a success. Explore attitudes toward big data initiatives revealed in a new market survey and gain insight into the perceived challenges, benefits and what is required to be successful with Big Data.
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Rethinking Data Integration in the Cloud: A Revolutionary Approach
Businesses and governments around the world are moving to the cloud because of its clear and compelling benefits – flexibility, speed, savings. But what's not quite as clear about the cloud is ... exactly what it is. Definitions abound, none widely accepted. Maybe this is because it's tough to define something that's changing before your eyes
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Building your OSINT Capability
Intelligence agencies across the Federal government are turning to OSINT for the additional breadth and depth of information that it promises to deliver. However, unlike typical IT systems which can accept only a limited range of input, OSINT data sources are as varied as the Internet itself—and will continue to evolve as technology standards evolve.
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Strategies to Build Efficiencies into Your Supply Chain
Manual processes dominate many aspects of transportation and third party logistics (3PL), which keeps costs high and slows growth. Automating with Kapow Software can reduce labor costs as much as 95% and allow staff to manage by exception. Kapow Enterprise Platform's integration capabilities allow you to update the B2B portals increasingly required by your trading partners without needing any manual effort at all. You can integrate your transportation management system (TMS) with the portals of shippers, carriers, and vendors by creating Synthetic APIs for them–and even create EDI records from the data on a B2B portal.
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Hyper-Management of Working Capital: Technology Supports the Work of Corporate Treasury
Real-time data is increasingly critical for hyper-management of capital and for regulatory compliance. This paper by Thomas W. Warsop, III, Group President of Fiserv's Financial Institutions Services, shows how his Fortune 500 company uses Kapow to automate instant access to billions of global financial transactions – despite the intricacies of accessing cross-border balances and transactions from hundreds of banks.
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Agile BI with Automated Real-Time Data Collection
Make your Business Intelligence more intelligent with real-time data. The key is to act on the right information. Timeliness and quality are crucial. Learn how technology from Kapow drives agile BI.
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The Definitive Guide to Automated Competitive and Supplier Price Monitoring
As both B2B and B2C commerce grows on the web, buyers have more choices, intelligence, and power. Sellers need to stay on top of competitor's pricing to remain competitive. Learn the essential keys to automated competitive price monitoring and intelligence.
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Harnessing the Power of Business Intelligence 3.0
A new class of business intelligence solution is allowing innovative companies to incorporate unstructured web and social media content into real-time decision-making. Known as BI 3.0, these solutions are already delivering powerful results for a group of early adopters. Sponsored by Corda and Kapow Software, this white paper explores the market conditions driving these solutions and highlights the experience of two early adopters - a Fortune 500 financial services firm and a top 5 automaker - who have leveraged BI 3.0 to grow their businesses, cut costs, and achieve regulatory compliance.
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The Definitive Guide to Automating Content Migration
Migrating content to a modern CMS can be a daunting task. How do you deal with the maze of structured and unstructured data? See how leading organizations are gaining a 70% cost advantage and avoiding the business disruption of content freezes in The Definitive Guide to Automating Content Migration.
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