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Kapow Katalyst:
Content Migration Solutions


A revolutionary approach to Automated Content Migration

Content Migration Video Migrating to a new Web Content Management Systems (WCMS)? Then you know that moving and reformatting legacy content into a new WCMS is a major bottleneck. The traditional solution is to write migration scripts, or manually cut and paste content. But these slow and error-prone "solutions" offer limited success. They require content freeze periods and cause missed deadlines with escalating costs.

Kapow Software's automated content migration solution can get it done in 1/10th the time for 1/5th the cost. You point and click on your content to specify how to extract, transform and load it, and our unique visual feedback environment lets you immediately verify that your migrated content is 100% accurate. Kapow Katalyst automation makes trial migrations fast and simple, and lets you eliminate content freeze periods that disrupt day-to-day business. The Kapow Katalyst™ platform supports migrating content to all major WCMS systems, including Oracle WebCenter, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Content Manager, CoreMedia, EMC Documentum, EPiServer, Hippo, HP Autonomy, OpenText, Sitecore, SDL Tridion, and more.

Content Migration Vendor Solutions:

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