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Create More Value From Search

No matter which search platform you may use, one thing is certain: you're not getting the value you need. Merely adding new sources and tuning search results for greater relevance consumes 60-70% of your search-related recurring cost. You can change that with Kapow Katalyst.

Katalyst frees you to imagine new ways to delight your customers, enhance productivity, and reduce cost-by creating agile search solutions tailored to your specific needs. How?

To start with, Katalyst enables you to crawl any application and access content invisible to conventional spiders. What's more, Katalyst can rapidly add new data sources in a matter of hours, without specialized development or configuration skills.

By enriching data and metadata during the crawl, before context is lost, Katalyst enables you to improve query results in ways that no general-purpose crawler possibly can.

Finally, Katalyst will protect your investment because it puts the entire enrichment pipeline into your hands, lowering the cost of using multiple search engines or adopting new search technology.

Create more value for your entire organization—enhance your search solution with Kapow Katalyst.

Crawl Any Application If your'e only searching traditional content you're missing valuable information locked in applications inside and outside your firewall. Katalyst lets you crawl, index, and search any application you can access.

Crawl Any Application

What could you accomplish if the content locked in your enterprise applications was searchable? Or if you could consolidate search results from SaaS applications, B2B portals, and business partners into a single set of relevant results?

One customer rebuilt their call center search capabilities from scratch after learning their CSRs didn't have access to all the information they needed. Too much data was hidden in call logs, support forums, and partner portals that were not visible to their present search environment.

They rely on Katalyst to securely crawl multiple applications and make them searchable. Katalyst captures data from each application, structures it, enhances it, and sends it for indexing. When the underlying application can't be reached with a link, Katalyst creates a virtual document for viewing, and Katalyst can federate search from multiple sources or search subscription databases on demand.

The results? By enabling self-service access, the number of calls dropped, resolution time improved, and customer satisfaction soared.

Make any application searchable: if you can browse it, Katalyst can crawl it.

Rapidly Add New Data Sources

Many search engines rely on connectors and connector frameworks, but acquiring and configuring a connector can be a lengthy process. Adding each new source multiplies the effort, and doesn't support the agility requirements of today's fast-moving organizations. And if there's no connector available—which is common for legacy applications, deep web sites, and partner/supplier sites—it simply can't be searched.

Kapow Katalyst is built for productivity. It gives you automated, point-and-click access to any application or data source inside or outside your firewall, enabling you to extend the reach of your search solution. Integrating a new data source takes only a few hours, start to finish, so you can build a completely custom integration in a fraction of the time a connector-based approach requires—without acquiring, testing, configuring, and managing an ever-growing collection of connectors.

Improve Query Results with Better Metadata If your website lists only "notebook" computers, but your customers search for "laptop," you won't sell much of anything. Katalyst can add "laptop" to your metadata to meet customer expectations—and increase sales.

Improve Query Results with Better Metadata

It happens everywhere: teams develop their own terminology, organizations evolve, products are renamed, companies merge—and the need for top-quality search results grows daily. General-purpose crawlers can't solve this problem because they can't know as much about your data as you do.

Katalyst lets you embed your knowledge in business rules consulted whenever it crawls a source, allowing you to enrich your metadata in context-specific ways. You can direct Katalyst to access databases or invoke web services—as it crawls, not after the fact—before critical context is lost.

Katalyst can access secured websites by logging in and creating security-related metadata that supports query-time authentication and authorization, and can create the metadata needed to support faceted search. With Katalyst you can build a vendor-independent pipeline to standardize data and metadata from multiple sources, further improving findability.

Only Katalyst lets you exploit all of your knowledge to improve search results.

Protect Your Investment

Katalyst protects your investment in multiple ways.

Adding new sources doesn't require additional connectors or a costly coding project, because point-and-click development lets you access any new source rapidly, with a minimum of effort.

Vendor-neutral Katalyst works effectively with any search technology, so even if you migrate to a new search engine you won't need to buy new connectors or rewrite all of your enhancement rules.

If you use specialized business rules or third-party products for extraction, analysis, or metadata creation, Katalyst can invoke them. This frees you to architect any type of enrichment plan you choose and carry it out consistently no matter what kind of pipeline support there may be. Katalyst puts you in charge of the process, end to end.

So no matter which search technology you use—open source or proprietary solutions like the Google Search appliance—fulfill the promise of enterprise search with Kapow Katalyst.

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