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Web Intelligence Solution:
Social Media Monitoring/Brand Monitoring


Real-time insight from social media data drives competitive intelligence

What are customers saying about your company and your products? What do they want to buy next? Is there a usability problem with your service? Do you have a product recall situation in the making? You can answer all of these questions by monitoring blogs, forums, and other social media outlets — if you can efficiently extract the right data and transform it so that it's usable.

Only a few of the largest social media websites, such as twitter and Facebook, provide APIs to their data, and often these APIs offer limited access compared to what is available through a web browser. If you need real-time, structured data from social media sites, you cannot rely on existing APIs. You need a solution that also extracts and structures data from the HTML front-end where you can be sure that the data is complete and fresh. You need Kapow.

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